Kisses are better fate than wisdom.


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can’t help but tear up

but yeah. i just ran into my father and his new wifey at the parking lot as i was leaving my lunch and on my way to my finish up my studies…and instead of wishing me luck, he told me to stop dreaming.

thanks dad. thanks. 

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Its his birthday & i don’t know if i should greet him

i was reminded today that it’s an exes birthday and not a recent ex at all. its been close to 4 years or so. but my handy dandy google calendar reminded me that its his birthday.  

I haven’t spoken to him in about a year or so.  We don’t know any ill wills, but I’m not quite sure if I should greet him a happy birthday.  Sure, I can send him a quick “happy birthday” via facebook, but how impersonal is that? 

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